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Pop talent Lynn has just released her 3rd single “I Used to Cry” on June 9th, 2017. The track is taken from her upcoming EP which is expected later this year.


At just 18 years old, “I Used To Cry” was written and composed by Lynn and produced by Yoad Nevo (who is famous for his work with Sia,  Moby and Sophie Ellis Bextor to name but a few) at Nevo Sound Studios in London.


The song sets us off with a bright acoustic guitar and Lynn's gentle voice, slowly building into a soft rock-pop instrumental while alternating between the clean soft feel to the more powerful and rich chorus.


Courageously, Lynn is sharing her story, with an obvious cynical approach, by passing a veiled criticism of society's behaviour towards people who seem different but are only searching for love and acceptance like everyone else.

By the time the chorus arrives, Lynn provides us with another aspect on bullying and the collateral affect it has, wherein she explains how it broke her father’s heart to see her growing up feeling alone.

The remainder of the song inspires us not to succumb to the hardships of bullying, and encourages us to deal with it by growing "new skin".

The song sends a strong message against bullying and being left out, reminding us that we are all "not so different" and that "we all need love".

Singing from the moment she can remember, Lynn was gracing stages by the time she was just five years old and by the age of nine she was jotting lyrics in her notepad wherever she went. In high school, she had some trouble fitting into established cliques and turned to music as her escape. With no fewer than four piano teachers fighting a losing battle against the youngster’s ADHD, Lynn had already gained enough confidence on the instrument through her own trial and error.

"I Used To Cry" is due out internationally on June 2017

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